Paddington Local Samuel Gay Debuts Indie Movie Passion Project at Palace Cinemas

Palace Cinemas A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World
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“A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World,” a Brisbane-made indie film by Paddington director Samuel Gay, will finally hit the big screen at the Palace Cinemas, years after pouring his heart and soul into this passion project.

From 26 to 31 Aug 2022, the Palace Cinemas screening will also include live events featuring the director and the stars of the film — Kerith Atkinson (“Mako Mermaids”),Tony Brockman (“Hobsons Choice: Martin”), Jacki Mison (“Remember My Name”) — who will sit down for the Q & A on these dates and times:

August 26
7:30 pm
Palace Barracks Cinema
August 27
3:30 pm
Palace James St Cinema
August 28
4:00 pm
Palace Barracks Cinema
August 31
6:30 pm
Palace James St Cinema
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A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World” is filmed entirely in Brisbane with an all-Queensland cast and crew. Mr Gay, a graduate of Queensland College of Arts, co-wrote the movie’s script with his friend, Stewart Klein. 

A Guide to Dating Poster
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A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World tells the story of a single woman who survives the apocalypse only to be reacquainted with her blind date from hell.  When Alex meets John on a blind date set up by her friends, she declares that she ‘wouldn’t see him again even if he were the last man on earth!’ The next day Alex wakes to find that a scientific experiment seems to have wiped out the rest of humanity. The streets of Brisbane are deserted; her annoying boss has disappeared and no longer does she have to put up with her friends trying to set her up with losers. Finding that she has the City of Sunshine to herself – at first it’s bliss. no traffic, no queues, no deadlines – though the novelty wears thin after a few weeks of harmless carjacking, home-invasions and tinned food. Until Alex discovers there is someone else alive and it’s John! Neither understands why they are the last two standing but in the idyllic new environment Alex starts to appreciate John’s finer qualities until they meet Wendy and Alex discovers that two is company and three’s a crowd.

“I’ve always loved post-apocalyptic storylines ever since I read Stephen King’s “The Stand” as a kid,” Mr Gay said. “I remember daydreaming a lot about what it would be like if everyone suddenly disappeared. And when we decided to make this film of course there was no question we would shoot it in Brisbane!”

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Samuel Gay
Director Samuel Gay
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Tait Brady, the co-producer from Label Distribution, said this is “a genuine Brisbane-indie film” that they’ve been waiting for. 

“Sam and his team worked for years to make and complete the film – it’s been a marathon but a fun ride.” 

“A Guide To Dating At The End Of The World” was screened at the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival and at festivals here and abroad, including WorldFest Houston. Kerith Atkinson and Tony Brockman were both nominated for Best Actor awards.