Step into Patio, Rosalie Village’s New Neighbourhood Bar

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If you’re a fan of deliciously crafted beers, Patio by the Range Brewing team is the bar to be in Rosalie Village. With ten beers on tap, including the ever-popular Jam (a thick, sour beer bursting with a medley of berries), this neighbourhood newcomer offers a beer lineup that promises to keep customers wanting more.

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The bar, which opened its doors in Rosalie Village in June 2023, also features a selection of pale ales, IPAs, and a delightful collaboration with Japan’s Black Tide brewery. Wine enthusiasts will be pleased to find two wine taps offering a bright vino rosso and a crisp vino bianco, both created in collaboration with Latta Vino.

Photo credit: patiobyrange/Instagram

Owned by Gerard Martin and Matt McIver, the masterminds behind the original Range brewery and taproom in Newstead, as well as a Melbourne taproom, Patio aims to capture the essence of old-school Australian pubs whilst infusing an Italian-inspired alfresco atmosphere.

Photo credit: patiobyrange/Instagram

Stepping into Patio, you will be greeted by a captivating ambiance that evokes the feel of an open-air pavilion. The meticulous design and construction, spearheaded by Martin, McIver, and their team in a remarkable three-month period, have resulted in an inviting space that will leave you in awe. 

Patio doesn’t stop at offering fantastic brews; they also bring delectable food to the table. Partnering with Jacopo’s Pizza, the bar serves up their full menu, making it a go-to spot for satisfying your pizza cravings.

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As you enter the front patio area adorned with burgundy-tiled tables, a timber bench seat, and an enchanting fairy light-wrapped tree, you will be enticed to venture further into the courtyard, ready to create lasting memories with friends and loved ones.

Meatball Sub Special (Photo credit: patiobyrange/Instagram)

In addition to pizzas, Patio tantalises the taste buds with a range of delectable snacks such as salads, breads, and skewers. Then don’t miss their Meatball Sub special, featuring mouthwatering beef and ‘nduja fried meatballs, drizzled with basil oil and Parmesan, served on a fresh French baguette.

With a diverse selection of beers on tap, a delectable food menu, and a thoughtfully designed ambiance, Patio is set to become the go-to destination for friends seeking a memorable night out. 

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Patio is located at 146 Baroona Rd, Paddington. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday. Follow them on Instagram @patiobyrange for updates.

Published 19-June-2023