Translink’s Central Station Now Trials Smart Ticketing System

Smart Ticketing System
Photo credit: Translink / Facebook

The planned shift to the Smart Ticketing System moves a step closer with the start of the express gates trial at Brisbane’s Central Station.

The trial will run from October 22 to November 22 between 7am and 9am and will involve four gate exits at the Edward Street gates which can be opened using a Go card. 

“These trials and tests are part of building a world-class ticketing system for Queensland,” Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said.

The State Government is planning to introduce the Smart Ticketing System across the state and 18 regional urban centres by the end of 2022. The $371-million project will enable customers to use their smartphones, smartwatch, credit card or debit, apart from the go cards and paper tickets, to pay for their ride.

The trial is aimed at providing insights into how Translink customers use the express gates and how they can be improved to be more effective in the future.

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“The trial will assist in understanding key customer behaviours at the gates and assist us in determining how we can improve all aspects of customer behaviour at gates,” Mr Bailey said.

“It will also be about listening to customers who have wanted faster gates, especially during peak times.” 

For the trial, the State Government has tapped QUT and Spout Logic to provide an independent academic research report on the key findings and recommendations for future improvements. 

“QUT is involved in the project to provide independent academic feedback about the results of the trial.  This will help TransLink in its decision-making about how best to serve its customers with new innovations,” Professor Alexander Paz said.

Another trial is also scheduled to commence in late October on North Stradbroke Island Buses which will trial the new on-board ticketing hardware. To follow after Minjerribah  are four other regions: Innisfail, Bowen, Maryborough, and Hervey Bay.