Bluey Leaves Paddington: Iconic Show Home Embodies Spirit of West Brisbane

The fictional Heeler family from the beloved children’s animated TV show “Bluey” have listed their home for sale. Whilst part of an animated universe, the house beautifully encapsulated the essence and architectural heritage of Paddington.

The Heeler residence in the popular TV show “Bluey” is a depiction that has resonated with many fans. Its sprawling verandas and quintessential Queenslander design perfectly reflect the vibrant spirit and cultural backdrop of Paddington. Though fictional, this representation highlights the show’s strong connection to Brisbane, specifically the West Brisbane area, known for its picturesque hillsides and distinctive colonial architecture.

Described by property agent Becky Dunstan, the listing reveals a charming, animated family residence tucked away in a secret Brisbane spot. The property features mid-century design elements blended with whimsical accents, embodying the classic Queenslander style and exuding a sense of heritage allure, complete with over a hundred concealed miniature-long dogs scattered throughout.

Situated at a cul-de-sac’s end, the house is perched on a hill, offering scenic views of Mount Coot-Tha. It comprises three bedrooms and approximately four bathrooms, alongside spaces conducive to working from home, adorned with beautiful period floorboards and hallways.

Real estate experts predict the sale could fetch upwards of $6 million, reflecting the soaring property values in areas akin to Paddington, where the show’s setting draws heavy inspiration.

Market Buzz and Fan Sentiments

A clip from the poignant episode, titled “Ghostbasket,” which aired on the 7th of April 2024, had Bandit showing their old house to potential buyers.

Although just a storyline in the animated series, the listing of the Heeler family home has ignited a flurry of excitement in the real estate market and amongst the global fanbase of “Bluey.”

“Can we talk about the ending? It’s not just the zoom out of the for sale sign but the music suddenly faded once the credits start,” a viewer asked on Reddit. “I have one question. Why is the house for sale or will that be answered in The Sign?”

“I think its been in the works for a while,” another commenter said. “Two obvious clues being Chili complaining about the house falling apart in Hammerbarn and it being small in Cubby…”

The sale of the house introduces themes of change and moving on, resonating with those who view the Heelers’ home as a symbol of love and adventure.

Anticipation for What’s Next

The Heeler home in the “Bluey” series has an aesthetic appeal and also serves as a cultural touchstone, offering viewers a glimpse into Brisbane’s architectural heritage and suburban lifestyle. In the upcoming episode titled “The Sign,” set to air on April 14th, 2024, the Heelers will embark on a journey of finding a new home. This storyline promises to delve into the emotional nuances of relocating, reflecting the show’s commitment to addressing real-life challenges through its narrative.

In 2022, a replica of the Heeler family’s Paddington home was made available to rent on Airbnb. The replica has been carefully designed to capture the charm and warmth of the Heeler household, allowing fans to immerse themselves in this unique experience. This initiative brings the animated world to life and offers a chance for fans to experience it firsthand.

Published 9-April-2024

Not to Miss: Exclusive PINK Pre & Post Concert Parties at The Paddo!

As Grammy-winning artist Pink brings her Summer Carnival Tour to Brisbane for three epic nights, The Paddo, just a 5-minute walk from Suncorp Stadium, is gearing up to provide the perfect pre- and post-event party vibes in Paddington, for concert-goers looking to amplify their Pink experience.

Before the concerts on 16 and 17 February 2024 and 19 March 2024,  get the night started early with vibrant pre-concert party vibes, featuring delicious drinks, mouthwatering bites, and a pre-concert buzz that’ll set the tone for an epic evening.

Photo Credit: The Paddo
Photo Credit: The Paddo

And after the show, keep the celebration alive with The Paddo‘s late-night party scene, where the energy and excitement linger long after the final note of Pink’s extraordinary set list.

Photo Credit: The Paddo

The renowned American pop star has a special connection with Australia, particularly Brisbane, which goes beyond her regular concert tours. In 2009, Pink was honoured uniquely at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Pink The Paddo in Paddington
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Recognising her as their best-selling artist ever, following her hugely successful Funhouse Tour, the Centre dedicated a suite of toilets to her, whimsically named the “Pink Ladies.” This gesture humorously underlined the affection and admiration that Australian fans, especially those in Brisbane, have for her.

Pink’s affinity for Australia is reciprocated by her Australian fans, making her one of the most popular female acts in the country’s history. Moreover, Pink’s tours in Australia have been record-breaking. Her performances, which often include daring acrobatics, bring a unique element to her concerts, further endearing her to Australian audiences.

Check this out for more details on the pre and post-parties at The Paddo.

Photo Credit: The Paddo

Published 22-Jan-2024

Developer Fined $100,000 for Illegal Demolition of Historic Paddington Cottage

A fine imposed on a developer for the unlawful demolition of a historic Paddington cottage, located in one of Brisbane’s most prestigious streets, has been increased from $20,000 to $100,000.

In a landmark decision, District Court Judge David Kent fined Natural Lifestyle Homes (NLH), an inner-city luxury home builder, after pleading guilty to two charges related to conducting development activities without proper permits.  

The subject of the demolition was a Paddington cottage that dated back to 1888. It was believed to be the oldest residence on the revered Wilden Street in Paddington.

Earlier, the Brisbane City Council had levied a fine of $20,000 against NLH, a penalty which Judge Kent deemed “manifestly inadequate” to deter future violations of this nature. He emphasied the necessity of a financial cost that would effectively deter developers from viewing such offenses as a mere business expense.

The cottage at 41 Wilden Street was originally intended to be preserved and relocated to allow new construction work on the site. However, NLH proceeded to demolish the protected building without consulting the Council, building certifier, or the Planning and Environment Court.

Serious Consequences for Disregarding Heritage

The actions of NLH not only flouted the Council’s refusal of demolition but also overturned the protective measures in place for the 1888 cottage. This act of destruction resulted in the loss of a significant heritage asset, with only minimal artifacts such as an original door and portions of windows remaining.

Judge Kent noted that NLH’s actions enabled them to evade consulting structural engineers on the feasibility of relocating the cottage. This lack of due diligence and disregard for heritage considerations led to the irreversible destruction of the historic structure.

The judge said that the $100,000 fine better reflects the seriousness of NLH’s offense, particularly when compared to the project’s total cost, ranging from $2 million to $2.4 million. This substantial penalty sends a clear message to developers that preserving heritage and adhering to legal requirements are paramount.

41 Wilden St Paddington Cottage
Photo Credit: Google Maps

NLH’s Background and Intentions

NLH, co-owned by Clifford William Keane and Mathew Ralph Carroll, was not seeking profit from this project, which was intended to serve as a new residence for Mr Keane and his wife, Jacinda. The Keane family purchased the cottage in October 2018 for $1.08 million and embarked on the construction of a new $2.4 million home.

Mr Keane, a carpenter with a degree in the built environment, and M. Carroll, a registered builder since 1998, had been involved in inner-city property development for many years.

Published 22-Dec-2023

Beyond Pizza & Pasta: Paddington’s Fratelli Offers Cheese and Pasta-Making Classes

Paddington has no shortage of Italian eateries, from hole-in-the-wall joints to upscale restaurants. Yet the recently opened Fratelli brings something new to the neighbourhood – a truly authentic taste of Italy and hands-on cooking classes. 

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Using seasonal ingredients and fresh local flavours, Fratelli transports guests straight to the vineyards and shores of Italy with each bite. But what makes them especially unique is that they offer hands-on cooking classes with their expert chefs, so you can learn how to craft fresh cheese or shape your own homemade pastas.

Inside Fratelli, the stone walls and rustic decor make you feel transported to Italy, although it’s the food takes your tastebuds even further. Fratelli sources only the finest local ingredients and collaborates with Tambourine Cheese Factory to create burrata bursting with smooth, creamy flavour. 

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

One of their crowd pleasers is the spicy salami pizza loaded with ricotta-filled crust, olives, mozzarella and that signature Fratelli zest. Pizza lovers will delight in the restaurant’s array of Italian pizzas paired perfectly with wines from their impressive drink menu. 

Signature cocktails provide a refreshing balance alongside espresso drinks for those looking for an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

Whilst the interior transports your senses to Italy, their beautiful outdoor patio allows you to soak up Brisbane’s sunshine as you feast on Fratelli’s seasonal delicacies. From their cheese boards and pastas to the desserts like the light and sweet peach sorbet, each dish sings with the flavours of an Italian summer.

Photo credit: Fratelli Paddington/Facebook

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For those longing to linger in the warm hospitality and rustic ambience, Fratelli offers a home away from home right in the neighbourhood Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays). Visit their website to book online or to learn more about their classes.

Published 22-November-2023

Baby Charlotte: A Mango-Sized Miracle from Red Hill

When her baby Charlotte was born prematurely, Red Hill mum Julia Plackner looked at her little daughter’s tiny frame and marvelled at the miracle that enabled her safe delivery at Mater Mothers’ Private Hospital via emergency caesarean, despite being 15 weeks early.

Today, the little baby that weighed the same as a mango at birth thrives at home under the loving care of her parents, having undergone life-saving treatment during a remarkable three-month stay in Mater’s Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Mum Julia said her pregnancy had been progressing normally until she suffered an infection at 25 weeks, which caused severe cramps and bleeding.

“Doctors told me I was about 4 cm dilated when I got to hospital,” she said.

“I needed an emergency caesarean when doctors realised Charlotte’s heartbeat was irregular – beating fast and then sometimes suddenly slowing.

“She was given a 60 to 70 per cent chance of survival before she was even born.”

Mrs Plackner described her daughter’s birth on June 13 as “pretty scary”.

“I was under general anaesthetic when Charlotte was born,” she said.

“Chris my husband was there and witnessed it all – even Charlotte being resuscitated when she wasn’t breathing.

Baby Charlotte Paddington
Photo Credit: Supplied

“She weighed just 754 grams. The doctors told me Charlotte was lucky to be alive.”

The Plackners have thanked the multidisciplinary team who saved their daughter’s life ahead of World Prematurity Day on 17 Nov 2023.

Mater Neonatologist Dr Richard Mausling cared for baby Charlotte while she remained in hospital and said her strength was impressive.

He said Charlotte’s prematurity caused her to have respiratory distress syndrome, which required a short period of ventilation. She also subsequently went on to develop chronic neonatal lung disease.

“To think she weighed the size of a mango when she was born and went home at 3.3 kg, fully suck feeding and only needing low flow home oxygen, is truly remarkable,” Dr Mausling said.

“I feel very privileged to play a very small part in a truly exceptional team at the Mater Mothers’ Hospital Neonatal Critical Care Unit whose sole purpose is to look after babies and families like Charlotte’s.”

Charlotte required a single blood transfusion when she was 36 days old, Dr Mausling said.

“This is quite exceptional really as many babies born at this gestational age and birth weight would usually require several blood transfusions during their stay in the Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU),” he said.

“We are very lucky to have access to very safe and readily available blood and blood products from the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. Without the generosity of regular donations of blood from blood donors, babies like Charlotte would possibly have very different outcomes.”

Baby Charlotte Red Hill
Photo Credit: Supplied/Annette Dew

Each year more than 2000 very sick and premature babies receive round-the-clock specialist care from the team in Mater Mothers’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit.

Now tipping the scales at a healthy 4.6kg, Mrs Plackner described Charlotte as a happy and bubbly girl.

“Charlotte still requires oxygen support while sleeping but other than that, she’s smashing everything out of the park. For someone who has been in hospital for 90 days, she’s doing fine,” Mrs Plackner, a lawyer, said.

“Charlotte was discharged from hospital on 11 September and gained 800 grams in the first three weeks of being home.

“It’s cliché, but she really is a miracle. When I look at photos from when she was born, I can’t believe it’s the same baby,” she said.

“It’s been a wild ride and she’s come so far.”

Published 17-Nov-2023

Controversy Arises Over Redevelopment Plans for a Quintessential Paddington Cottage

A tranquil pocket in Paddington is at the centre of a heated dispute as a group of neighbours, led by a retired District Court judge and his wife, are contesting the proposed construction of a house, shop, cafe, and pool on a small 400-square metre block on Latrobe Terrace. 

The group claims that the ambitious plans will encroach on their sunlight, breezes, and privacy whilst raising concerns over noise, light, odour, traffic, and visual amenity.

Located at 37 Latrobe Terrace, the site in question is currently home to a quintessential Paddington cottage originally built in 1910. The property is owned by Cynthia and Peter Werchon.

On 6 Oct 2023, the Council decided and approved Development Application A005832299 With this approval, the historic structure is set to undergo partial demolition and relocation to make way for a modern residence with an attached cafe and shop.

Neighbours Rally Against the Project

However, leading the charge against the redevelopment are retired District Court judge Michael Shanahan and his wife Ann Gummow, residents of Corsham Street, which backs onto Latrobe Terrace. Along with Peter Bertossi, Anne Bertossi, Gregory Moynihan and Jennifer Moynihan, they have lodged an appeal with the Planning and Environment Court to halt the development. The appeal was filed on 11 Oct 2023.

Their main concerns revolve around the proposed structure’s size and its potential to disrupt their peaceful existence. In their objection to the Council, Shanahan and Gummow assert that the development, comprising a three-bedroom home, cafe, retail shop, and a pool, is excessively large for such a modest site. 

37 Latrobe Terrace Paddington
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The group argues that a larger allotment is needed to accommodate such an extensive project, expressing concerns about noise disturbances, which could reach the level of invading their bedrooms.

They also point out that despite receiving seven “properly made submissions” and 10 others considered “not properly made,” the Council approved the development. This decision triggered widespread discontent among the immediate community.

The appeal also raises concerns about the developer’s plans to manage stormwater using electric pumps beneath the house, a system that would be rendered ineffective during a blackout.

Voices of Opposition Grow Louder

The Moynihans, who reside on Corsham Street, have expressed concerns over the noise that would be generated by the proposed cafe’s rear deck. 

Anne and Peter Bertossi, owners of a shop at 41 Latrobe Terrace, have “vehemently objected to the current proposal,” stating that the size, scale, and quantity of buildings planned for the relatively small and irregularly shaped site do not align with community expectations.

The proposed development includes:

  • a two-storey house covering 156 square metres
  • a cafe spanning 85 square metres
  • a shop stretching 81 square metres 
  • a car turntable to compensate for the limited space available 

As of press time, no defence has been filed and a hearing date has yet to be set. 

Published 17-Oct-2023

Paddington Gourmet Meats: Wavell Heights Butcher Expands to Paddington

Whilst independently-owned butcher shops are slowly disappearing from the culinary landscape, Pat Saumani, the man renowned for his perpetual smile, is defying the odds yet again. His beloved butcher shop, Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats, is not only thriving but also expanding its meaty empire with the grand opening of Paddington Gourmet Meats.

Saumani, dubbed the Grinning Butcher, has become somewhat of a cult figure in Brisbane’s northside. His commitment to quality and local sourcing has garnered a loyal following in a time when corporate giants often overshadow small businesses.

His new venture is at the Paddington Central Shopping Village along Latrobe Terrace. The location, now lovingly renovated from the ground up, promises to be a haven for meat enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

To celebrate this exciting expansion, both Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats and the new Paddington Gourmet Meats will offer exclusive specials and giveaways throughout the weekend until 10 Sept 2023. Customers can expect not just premium cuts of meat but also a hearty dose of happiness, as Pat Saumani and his team prepare to share their passion for all things meat.

Paddington Gourmet Meats
Photo Credit: Paddington Gourmet Meats/Facebook

Pat and his family have been the proud owners of Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats since 2016. Their dedication to supporting local producers, sourcing natural and free-range products, and offering an extensive range of gluten-free options has made them a trusted name in the community. Additionally, they have been the exclusive purveyor of Stockyard Beef, an award-winning Queensland brand, since 2017.

Both Wavell Heights Gourmet Meats and Paddington Gourmet Meats follow the same principles:

  • Supporting Local: A commitment to promoting local producers and suppliers
  • Natural Produce: A focus on providing natural, wholesome meats
  • Grass Fed and Free Range: Offering the best in ethical and quality meats
  • Extensive Range of Gluten-Free: Catering to a wide range of dietary needs
  • Award-Winning Wagyu: An exclusive selection of Queensland’s finest Wagyu beef
  • Large Low and Slow Meat Range: Perfect for barbecue enthusiasts
  • Deli Items: A variety of deli goods to complement your meat selections

To stay updated with the latest offerings and promotions, meat aficionados can follow both stores on Facebook and Instagram.

Published 7-Sept-2023

Sunny Side Sandwiches: Paddington’s Tasty New Arrival

Sunny Side Sandwiches may look unassuming from the outside, but step inside and you will find it’s one of the best sandwich shops in Brisbane.

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Owners Beck Bowers and Charline De Conto opened Sunny Side Sandwiches in the former space of Misspelt at Latrobe Terrace a couple of months ago, following their success in Windsor. 

Their goal was simple – make creative, high-quality sandwiches with fresh, local ingredients. Based on the crowds flocking here every day, it’s clear they have accomplished their mission.

Breakfast sandwich (Photo credit: Sunny Side Sandwiches – Paddington/Google Maps)

The star of the menu is the breakfast sandwich, a fusion of free range soft scrambled eggs, kewpie mayo, dill, parsley, chives, and a sprinkle of the secret ‘Egg Magic’ seasoning. This is paired with smokey bacon, kimchi mayo, and caramelised onions between your choice of bread. It’s an egg sandwich lover’s dream!

The process of ordering a sandwich is part of the fun. First you choose from 15 sandwich varieties on the menu, then you select the bread – shokupan, milk bun, gluten-free soy and linseed or gluten-free burger bun. Next comes the extras-  go for the kimchi mayo or Baby Rays BBQ sauce for a kick – and any additional toppings like cheese or caramelised onions.

Another customer favourite is the egg salad sandwich, made with free range eggs, kewpie mayo, dill, parsley, chives, shallots, and dressed Cos Lettuce served on shokupan bread. The soft, sweet bread pairs perfectly with the rich egg salad.

Photo credit:

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Sunny Side Sandwiches proves that simple, high-quality ingredients made with care result in an unforgettable sandwich experience. So next time you’re in Paddington, stop by for a taste of sandwich sunshine.

Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Published 22-August-2023

Discover the Healing Power of Needles at The Acupuncture Vet Paddington

Pet lovers in Brisbane may now turn to needles to treat their four-legged friends at The Acupuncture Vet in Paddington, where a growing number of pet parents are signing up for acupuncture, the ancient Chinese therapy. 

Queensland Veterinarian and Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist Dr Alison Shen has documented firsthand how acupuncture leads to “positive and incredible outcomes” that benefit her furry patients every day.

“Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is based on the principle of applying small needles or pressure to specific points in the body for the purpose of therapy, disease prevention and maintenance of health.  It works for all creatures great and small,” said Dr Shen.

Dr Shen opened her practice in May 2023. She is involved in wildlife rehabilitation at the Possumwood Wildlife Hospital, in Bungendore NSW, that was set up after the devastating 2020 bushfires. 

She and her identical twin sister Dr Audrey Shen, who is also a vet, run the popular Future Vet Kids Camp in various locations in Australia to inspire animal-loving kids with all the wonders of the veterinary animal profession. The twins are also part of the team of vets on Channel Nine’s TV show, Bondi Vet, featuring their lives as veterinarians in Sydney and Brisbane. Dr Alison is also co-founder of 21Scrubs, designer medical scrubs designed and made in Australia. 

The Fear Free® certified vet recently launched her ‘passion project’, The Acupuncture Vet in Paddington, where pets like Eddy the Dachshund and Percival the cat have found much relief for their ailments. Dr Shen also treats guinea pigs, and even wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos and wombats.

“Acupuncture has no adverse side effects, no drug interactions, does not require hospital stays and is a very effective and non-invasive treatment for many conditions including pain,” said Dr Shen. 

“For most animals, the insertion of fine acupuncture needles is virtually painless, and they become very relaxed and even sleepy,” she added.

“Holistic therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound and laser therapy are not meant to replace, but in fact, complement traditional veterinary medicine extremely well,” said Dr Shen.

Complementary therapies also play an important role in palliative care, especially where conventional medicine and surgery treatments are no longer an option, and for pets during a challenging recovery period, such as in between injury recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation.

“Acupuncture assists with the maintenance of health and balance, and prevention of pain and disease, particularly in elderly patients suffering with osteoarthritis and chronic illnesses, those on multiple medications, in chronic pain or looking for alternative therapies and natural, non-medicated pain relief,” she said.

Dr Shen’s interest in rehabilitation and pain started after years of practice in the mobile vet space.

“Visiting our most vulnerable patients and listening to their owners, I felt there was a huge requirement and gap in our industry to help these patients and owners,” she said. “I witnessed the struggles many pet owners faced during the recovery period and the need for reassurance, guidance and help they desperately required to get them through this challenging time.”

Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medical treatment for animals when it is administered by a properly trained veterinarian. Side effects of acupuncture are rare, but they do exist, and may not be suitable for some animals.

“Acupuncture is also becoming more accepted in the veterinary industry as vets are embracing complementary therapies and considering these treatments for their own pets,” said Dr Shen.  “We accept referrals from veterinarians and rely on their continued care of patients for follow up on x-rays, preventative care and their medical health and monitoring.”

For enquiries, visit The Acupuncture Vet online or phone 0457 517 474.

Paddington’s Government House Celebrates the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla

As the United Kingdom crowns King Charles III and Queen Camilla, the Government House in Paddington, under the Commonwealth of Australia, will also celebrate this historical event with an Open Day. 

On Saturday, 6 May 2023, the gates of Government House Estate will open to the public from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to commemorate the coronation. The event promises plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Attendees can celebrate this historic day by donning a Government House costume crown and walking down the red carpet to sit upon the “royal throne” for a photo opportunity. Selfie sticks at the ready!

In addition to the crown festivities, there will be activities to keep children entertained, including face painting, tennis, and a scavenger hunt. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Estate, which will be riddled with trivia, and bring their answers to the friendly volunteers at the Information Hub to collect a limited edition Coronation Coin.

Knowledgeable volunteer guides will be on hand to talk about the history of the house and the constitutional, ceremonial, and community duties of the Governor. Guided garden tours led by the Horticultural Team will depart from The Queen’s Statue at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. A moderate level of fitness and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Visitors can experience the thrill of the RAAF Super Hornet flyover at 1:00 p.m. and enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the local Town Crier’s decree at 1:15 p.m.

Food options include a British-style lunch from London Spudss, sweet treats from King of Cakes, and a liquid refreshment from the Tim Adams Specialty Coffee van. Live music will be provided by the Brisbane Excelsior Band and Queensland Police Service Pipes and Drums.

As one of the Governor’s patronage organizations, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) will also be onsite.

While the event is free, registration is required, and street parking will be available on Fernberg Road and surrounding streets. No pets (assistance dogs excepted) or alcohol will be permitted.

Published 4-May-2023